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Can't wait to launch our new, exclusive to CHB&S, Beard  & Shave Oil!  

Chang​es In Pricing - March 7, 2022

As we all work through this challenging economy, as so many others, we've had to adjust some of our prices to reflect our rising costs. We hope you understand and we appreciate your continued support to the small business sector in Alberta. 

Much gratitude to you all!


Good News! As the restrictions lift more and more, our civilian clientele IS NOT REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK! The Staff at The Canex Mall will continue to wear their/our masks until further notice.

EFFECTIVE    November 2, 2021

Gender Equality Pricing!

As many of you may already know, as of November 2, 2021, we have implemented our gender equality pricing! You will no longer see prices relflecting mens or ladies but instead, broken down by the length of your hair or if you want a clipper cut or skin fade. We have continued with our military pricing as well as special pricing for those over 65 and/or 13 and under. 

NFSD- Now For Something DIFFRNT

The DEBUT edition of our very own shop magazine NFSD - Now For Something Diffrnt, is set to be released on May 5th, 2018!!!

We're out of our comfort zone on this one folks but we like to push our limits!

Your help is appreciated!

Support PTSD amongst the military community and give generously to our client and friend, Stephane on his quest to climb Mount St Labuche. All donations go DIRECTLY to support the cause. We have until March 29th to give, so please give what you can today!

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