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The Canex Mall

167    Kingsway

4 wing Cold Lake


Who We Are

We are a unique blend of Haus ( AKA Someone who is really  really  ridiculously good at something ) individuals who have come from both near and far. Our work and training experience has come from the big cities such as Toronto and London UK to Niagara Falls and small towns, right here in Alberta.

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Owner/ Barber  & Stylist

AKA BarberLynny (ok, ok, and AKA Head Honcho) brought her training and experience from Toronto to Cold Lake in 2013. Why Cold Lake, you ask? "Well we're a military family, of course!" 

Since then, she's embraced this town (and bought the shop in January 2016) all the while continuing to express the love of her big city roots to whoever will listen.​

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Manager / Stylist & Barber 

Alana may walk around like everything is fine, but deep down inside her shoe, her sock is sliding off!

Alana is a sassy red head from Niagara Falls. (But actually Thorold, but do you even  know where that is?) Where she received her red seal. She has been doing hair since 2014 and loving every second!

 If you know you’re sassy too,

get your sass in her chair!

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 Stylist & Barber

Jillian, with her bright eyes and cheerful smile, was born and raised in the Cold Lake area and spent her growing years with her hands in the hair industry, like her mom!  This sparked an obvious passion and clear career choice for her and in 2020, so she chose to fulfill her dream by attending the hairstyling program at Lakeland College. She's super stoked to have joined the team at Crew and to further her knowledge and experience at what she absolutely loves and enjoys!

Introducing... Sam!

Apprentice  Barber

Sam is a proper Cold Lake Original who has had a passion for Barbering since he can remember. He began cutting his friends hair in the basement and garage of his home back in high school! Sam brings his great energy to every cut which in turns, gives the best look to every client who graces his chair. He's now officially graduated from Lakeland College with his Barbering Certificate and is excited to excel in a life-long career, blessing up his clients.

Why us?

Where else in Cold Lake, can you get a stellar look from a haus stylist whilst listening to some vinyl??!!